Our trip to the Champagne and Normandy (France) (4 / 2017)

In April 2017 we flew to Paris (France). Our trip, with a few good friends, lasted 9 days. We had too much good food and wine, often for lunch we enjoyed our groumet picknicks. First we had a short tour through Paris and continued on to the Champage region where we spent three nights with visits to famous Champagne wineries with, of course, tastings. Our tour then took us westwards to Normandy. Here we visited many famous cities with their old city centers and beautiful cathedrals. On the west coast we visited the sites where the World War II Normandy invasion took place. A further highlight was Mont Saint Michel. On the way back to Paris, we stopped at Giverny where we visited the house and gardens of Monet- a beautiful end to our trip.
(See also the site "What's new" with a short description about our trip)