Our trip to Piemont (Italy) (9 / 2016)




In September 2016 we flew via Munich (Germany) to Turin (Italy). (Deutsch: Piemont / English: Piedmont). The trip lasted 4 days. We went to 8 wine tastings. This was hard work, not a vacation, because at the meals we tasted further! We also admired the beautiful cities and villages in this area (Alba, Asti, Barolo, Barbaresco, Turin etc.). The scenery is also beautiful, so we see again that the best wine grows in the most beautiful areas (in Austria too). We learned, again a lot about wine making, not only new methods, but especially also about the old traditional ways. We also spent one morning seeking truffles - with a local truffle-hunter and his truffle dog - "we" actually found four black truffles.
 (See also the site "What's new" with a short description about our trip)