Our sailing trip in the Mediterranean Sea (10 / 2016)

In October 2016 we flew via Frankfurt (Germany) to the island of Malta where we boarded our sail ship, "Sea Cloud". We sailed north to Sicily where we stopped at Naxos and after a further days sailing we reached Palermo. After Palermo we had a rather stormy day at sea before we arrived at Cagliari, Sardinia. Another beautiful day at sea brought us to Mallorca where we disembarked at Palma de Mallorca. We spent another two days there. The trip lasted 9 days. At every stop we had guided tours in the various cities and countrysides. Highlights certainly were the trip to the volcano Etna (Ätna), and of course two wine-tastings. The actual speciality of the trip was to celebrate the 100th "birthday" of the two Sea Cloud sail ships - the two ships sailed this whole trip together in parallel.
(See also the site "What's new" with a short description about our trip)